PROJECT 38: How small businesses can be M&A players too - Washington Technology

PROJECT 38: How small businesses can be M&A players too - Washington Technology

PROJECT 38: How small businesses can be M&A players too - Washington Technology

Posted: 14 Apr 2021 02:04 PM PDT


PROJECT 38: How small businesses can be M&A players too

In a crowded mergers and acquisitions environment, Bluestone Investment Partners has carved out its own niche by focusing on companies in the $15 million-to-$50 million revenue range. They often are just emerging from the small business set-aside arena and seek more resources to compete for full and open opportunities.

John Allen, co-founder and managing partner of Bluestone Investment Partners, shares in this episode the philosophy and strategy that drives how the firm made its deals in recent years.

Large and mid-size companies typically dominate M&A activity, but Allen explains to WT Editor Nick Wakeman there is no reason that a small business can participate as well -- with the right partner.

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Five Ways The American Jobs Plan Can Help Small Business - Forbes

Posted: 14 Apr 2021 08:43 AM PDT

The size of the American Jobs Plan, President Biden's $2.25 trillion infrastructure package, is the subject of debate. Lawmakers on both sides of the aisle are questioning whether the amount is too much or not enough. 

What is certain about the plan is that it will help American small businesses that need support in fully recovering from Covid-19. 

Even before the pandemic, more than half of small business owners said infrastructure investments were critical to the success and growth of their business. Critically, a majority of small businesses will not see an increase in their taxes. 

The vast majority of small businesses are organized for tax purposes as sole proprietors, limited liability companies and S-corporations. Only businesses organized as C-Corporations will be affected by a change in corporate taxes. 

Since Covid-19, businesses have been struggling to stay afloat, much less grow. Many had to apply for Paycheck Protection Program (PPP) loans just to stay open.

However, the PPP was intended to help small businesses survive. Now, the American Jobs Plan will help them fully recover. Here are five ways this package will support small business owners and create jobs. 

  1. Increasing Federal Contracting Opportunities: Federal contracting can help grow minority- and women-owned small businesses, but not all eligible ones can benefit because of overly burdensome regulations. The new package will streamline the process for certification, bidding, and winning so more businesses can participate in the infrastructure efforts in the American Jobs Plan.   
  2. Encouraging Innovation: President Biden's plan includes a $5 billion investment in federal programs that encourages small firms to participate in federal research and development initiatives that could lead to commercial products and services.
  3. Expanding Access to Capital: Government funding and access to capital have historically been inequitable based on race and gender. The American Jobs Plan begins taking steps to rectify this by creating a new grant program through the U.S. Department of Commerce's Minority Business Development Agency. This grant program will help minority-owned manufacturers access private capital.
  4. Creating New Financing: To support small manufacturers, President Biden's plan creates a new equity-based financing program where private capital companies can invest seed funding in their growth.
  5. Increasing Access to Lending and Capital: The American Jobs Plan also bolsters the Small Business Administration's bread-and-butter lending efforts recovery by committing $15 billion in the SBA's 7(a) loan program and $5 billion in the Small Business Investment Company program. This type of investment will spur a faster recovery for Main Street.


The Covid-19 pandemic tested our economy in ways never before imaginable and small businesses have shown their resilience throughout the entire crisis. President Biden's plan will give them the resources needed for Main Street to fully reopen and create jobs, which in turn will bolster the U.S. economy.


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