Small Business Credit Card Processing Companies 2020 - U.S. News & World Report

Small Business Credit Card Processing Companies 2020 - U.S. News & World Report

Small Business Credit Card Processing Companies 2020 - U.S. News & World Report

Posted: 29 Sep 2020 11:09 AM PDT

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Exectras shows its commitment to serving businesses nationwide by helping their employees with a very special free membership - PRNewswire

Posted: 29 Sep 2020 05:00 AM PDT

MISSOURI CITY, Texas, Sept. 29, 2020 /PRNewswire/ -- Exectras is a company that understands what it takes for small businesses to thrive in a competitive marketplace, especially during times of uncertainty. And now, the premier business services and perks provider is offering a unique free membership opportunity.

The complimentary membership provides some of the most sought-after perks and benefits available, at no cost to the business or employee. One of these wellness benefits provides every employee, and their entire family, 24/7/365 access to America's #1 Telehealth network. For only $15 a visit - one of the lowest fees in the country - anyone can connect with a doctor by phone, video or through a mobile app to discuss symptoms, get a diagnosis and even receive a prescription, if necessary, that will be sent to a pharmacy of their choosing.

When Exectras manages an organization's credit card processing, the company receives this free membership that provides not only these perks and benefits, but additional access to world-class business services at heavily discounted rates, all while reducing the cost to accept credit cards.

The truth is, organizations are overpaying their current credit card processor simply to have sales from today funded, deposited and available for their business tomorrow - nothing more.

Especially right now, every dollar counts, and businesses cannot afford to pay these exorbitant processing fees to only get deposits. With merchant processing from Exectras, businesses are guaranteed to pay less for credit card processing and help their employees with amazing perks and benefits that will truly impact their lives.

Warren Buffet once stated, "Price is what you pay, value is what you get." It is about time a company provided real value for the dollars every business spends on credit card processing. Exectras is proud to be that company that provides businesses, employees and their families with the real help they need with one comprehensive membership.

About Exectras

With more than four decades of experience in the industry, Exectras has nurtured partnerships with some of the nation's largest associations and benefits providers. This buying power provides a one-of-a-kind membership opportunity which gives companies the ability to reduce costs and improve their bottom lines all while prioritizing employee well-being through free perks and benefits.

No other program offered anywhere, by any other company, provides such a comprehensive and competitive business advantage.

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Joe Cherry
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