Quincy Receives Funding for Small Business Relief – NewsRadio 560 KPQ - KPQ

The city of Quincy is tapping into the funds provided by the CARES Act to provide grant resources to small businesses. Grants can be up to $5,000 for businesses within the city limits that have faced financial loss due to the pandemic after March 1.

“For non-essential businesses in the city limits of Quincy, they’d have to have a business licenses and an actual storefront,” said Pat Haley, city administrator. “We’re making grants available up to $5,000 for those businesses to cover an assortment of thing such as rent, leases or mortgage agreements, supplies for PPE, marketing, other impacts that they’ve had specifically related to the COVID pandemic.”

It was determined for the economic health of the community, some of the CARES funds needed to be made available to help communities avoid serious bankruptcies and large unemployment.

“This is unique for the state of Washington to provide funding for cities to small businesses because typically they’re very restrictive in the gifting public funds,” said Haley. “This program is kind of a cracking of the door because it wasn’t a specific business that was harmed, it was all businesses.”


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